Out on the town Friday (Photo by Michele Morris)

Out on the town Friday (Photo by Michele Morris)

Several people who came to see me during the days immediately following my motorcycle crash in early November figured I would look substantially different afterwards.

With my face torn up substantially and most of it covered with stitches and scar tissue around my right eye (which was dislocated and had to be rebuilt and put back into place by a surgeion), the odds were strong that my appearance would be different — and probably shocking — down the line.

So later visitors — and Floyd Countians who saw me when I ventured out in the area for the first time Friday — were surprised to see that I looked pretty much the same.

How?  The work of a good plastic surgeon and a lot of advances in medical and surgical techniques.  Except for some minor scars around my right eye and other locations, the face looks pretty much like it did before the crash.

Others were surprised to see me walking Friday — albeit with a walker — since I still have a severely broken leg that is healing.  After six weeks of avoiding putting weight on my right leg, the docs looked at fresh x-rays, changed my original cast to a walking model, and gave me permission to start putting some weight on the leg.

I’m still a long way from walking on the leg normally, but I’m more mobile now than just a week ago, and expect the mobility to increase in the coming weeks.

I guess that’s why they call it recovery.


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