A question I’m asked most often nowadays is “do you consider yourself lucky?”

Yes, I do. Lucky to be alive, lucky to still have my eyesight, lucky to be in possession of my faculties and lucky to be walking on two feet. Back in early November, the odds of any of that were slim.  When I laid my motorcycle down at speed to try and avoid hitting a cow in the road at night on U.S. 221 south of Cave Spring, I suffered critical, life-threatening injuries:  A dislocated eye, extensive facial damage, a close-head injury and a leg broken in multiple places.

But I pulled through, thanks to God, thanks to the love of my wife and an outpouring of support, love and sympathy from my friends in and around Floyd County and beyond. I would not be here today without your support and your love and I wonder every day how I can repay you.

A few months ago, before the accident that almost killed me, I put together this video and posted it on Vimeo. One of the performers in the song, “Lucky One,” was Mike Kovick, who came with Bernie Coveney one day to perform music by my hospital bed — one of the many gestures of support and friendship that helped me pull through in intensive care and the trauma unit at the hospital.  Kari Kovick sings the song with her unforgettable voice and the song says it all.

I am the lucky one, not because of anything I did but because of each of you. The photos and videos include many shots of people in and around Floyd. I thank you and know all too well that I owe my life to each and every one.

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Long-time newspaperman, photographer and videographer who still shoots photos and covers government and courts for a newspaper, shoots video for TV and documentary use and owns web sites like Blue Ridge Muse, Capitol Hill Blue and American Newsreel.


  1. I have no doubt, Doug, that you and Amy would be there if I needed your help…that’s what friends do. Either way, I’ve taken an inordinate dislike to cows.

  2. Doug, your essay, video and music brought tears to my eyes this morning. We’re all so happy you are recovering, and the video reminded me how sweet and rare our community is. Although I’m enjoying Florida, I miss Floyd so much!
    Just keep getting better, Doug.

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