June 28, 2017

Oh, the weather outside is far from frightful

Winter in Floyd County on January 4, 2010.  Hasn't happened yet this year.
Winter in Floyd County on January 4, 2010. Hasn’t happened yet this year.

When discussions turn to the weather, the Old Farmers Almanac usually comes into play. Some swear by the venerable book that issues long-term weather forecasts and predictions.  Some swear at it.

Like most weather forecasting, the Almanac is right some of the time and wrong a lot.

According to the Almanac, last year’s winter was supposed to be bitterly cold with lots of snow in our area.

Didn’t happen.

The Almanac also predicted a dry summer.  Instead, it rained — a lot.

Prediction for this year’s fall and winter?  Same as last year:  Bitter cold with lots of snow.

November and December, the Almanac predicted, would bring record cold and snow to the area.

Didn’t happen.  We’ve had some cold snaps but no prolonged bitter freezes and very little precipitation.

Several warm days in December and winter arrives this weekend with temperatures in the 60s predicted.  The forecasts by other weather prognosticators say the rest of the 2013 won’t bring any really frigid weather or storms.

We still have January and February to face but, so far, the predictions of a long, bitter season have not come true.  Floyd County has not recorded a low temperature of zero or below since 2005.

Oh, winter, where is thy sting?

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