A black bear cub in Floyd County, Virginia.
A black bear cub in Floyd County, Virginia.

The black form on the side of the road on U.S. 221 near Bent Mountain early Sunday morning was too large for a cat as I approached it on my motorcycle around 7:30 a.m. while riding to Buchanan for breakfast.

It was a black bear cub, ambling along the road.  If mama  bear was around, I didn’t see her.  I slowed and the cub headed into the bush.

You never used to see the black bears that live in our region.  Now, sightings are reported all the time.  The photo above was from a sighting earlier this year.

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  1. Beck and I took a bike ride together and she saw a black bear at about mile marker 150 on the Blue Ridge. I was jealous until I saw my own bear on Shooting Creek Road less than a half mile from the Parkway near the Wormy Chestnut.

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