June 26, 2017

A one-day break from the rain?

Floyd Friday night celebrants scramble to avoid a thunder shower Friday afternoon on Locust Street in Floyd.
A scramble to avoid a thunder shower on Locust Street in Floyd.

The weather forecast Wednesday has the chance of rain at 20 percent or below.

Is it possible we might get through a day without the wet stuff falling from the sky?

The first nine days of August have been the wettest in recent history, depositing rain somewhere in the area at least once each day and sometimes throughout the 24-hour cycle.

Farmers who often ask for rain now ask for a few dry days to get their hay put up.

The daily thunderstorms are not over by any means.  Scattered storms dominate the forecasts Thursday and through the weekend and it looks like Wednesday of next week may be the next day without moisture falling.

Perhaps it will be dry enough today to trim back the grass that is turning out lawn into a wilderness area.

The cloudiness Tuesday also brought cooler temperatures.  Took a short ride on the Parkway in the afternoon on Amy’s Can-Am and it was downright chilly.

Not so today.  The thermometer will climb close to 80 by mid-afternoon.

Ah, the extremes of weather.

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