June 26, 2017

A rain-free Friday night in Floyd?

Nuthin' Common playing on Locust Street in Floyd on a Friday night.
Nuthin’ Common playing on Locust Street in Floyd on a Friday night.

Looks like a good, mostly sunny, Friday — something we haven’t seen much of in this wet, stormy summer here in Southwestern Virginia.

Nuthin’ Common, one of the popular bands that plays on the street in Floyd, announced on Facebook this morning that he plans to be out in musical force this evening with its mixture of old time music, bluegrass and pop to what should be a great night on the town’s music scene.

Friday is a rare day without an assignment elsewhere tonight so my cameras and I plan to be there to capture the action.

Friday will be the third day in a row of good weather — something of a record since the area set a another mark of too many straight days of rain, thunderstorms, electrical disconnections and more.

The days of sun gave me a chance to hit the road on less than four wheels — Tuesday afternoon on Amy’s Can-Am three-wheeler then Wednesday and Thursday on my 2009 Harley Super-Glide — still on the road with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer and some proud scars from the Great Cow Encounter of November 2012.

The 2009 Harley Super Glide: Still motoring on after more than 100,000 miles and a bad crash.
The 2009 Harley Super Glide: Still motoring on after more than 100,000 miles and a bad crash.

The older Harley still runs strong, the transmission shits smoothly and it takes winding roads with ease.  My newer Switchback needs a new front tire, an overdue 22,500 mile maintenance and a state inspection, all of the schedule for next week.

This weekend also brings a short break from two days of school in Floyd County after the new year’s first two days in classes.  During the week, watch out for the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit signs on U.S. 221 in Check and Willis and on Indian Valley Road.

School is in session and signs on the windows show upcoming holiday closings for Labor Day weekend in a couple of weeks and the end of summer is rapidly approaching.

The schedule for next week shows the first volleyball game of the season on Tuesday night.

One can ponder, sarcastically of course, if the hot, stifling weather of this summer is attributive, in large part, to the overabundance of hot air from the political season.

Someone over breakfast at Blue Ridge Restaurant this week wondered if the presence of occasional visitor Sen. Tim Kaine to the Friday Night Jamboree might bring the Clinton-Kaine ticket to town in this turbulent Presidential campaign year.

Vice President Joe Biden did show up at The Floyd Country Store a couple of years ago and Kaine — and his harmonica — visited the Jamboree during his fun for governor and his Senate campaign.

With luck, the Presidential campaign sideshows will avoid Floyd.  Republican candidate Donald Trump has been in Radford and Roanoke this year but his campaign is in free-fall right now and is turning into a tsunami of political disaster.

Besides, it is a Friday night in Floyd and the emphasis is on music.

Let the good times roll.

Dancing in the streets on Friday nights.
Dancing in the streets on Friday nights.


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