The National Rifle Association (NRA) aggressively fights any attempt to modify existing gun regulations anywhere in the country.

NRA’s claimed mission is to prevent even moderate attempts to adjust or tighten restrictions on the use of firearms.

As a gun owner, I think the NRA tries too hard to allow state or federal governments to institute gun safety regulations that make sense in a society where gun violence runs rampant and too many people, including children, die from misuse, inattentive and sometimes illegal use of a firearm.

I turned in my life membership with the NRA several years ago because of what I felt was rampant misuse, misrepresentation and misinformation spread by the group.

For example, eight years ago, NRA predicted Barack Obama would “take away your guns” if he became President.  Obama’s eighth year in office ends on January 20, 2017, and everone still has their guns.

Obama has proposed some tightening on laws governing use of some guns but, at no point, did he propose or advocate taking guns away from law-abiding owners.  NRA called him “an avowed enemy of the Second Amendment,” which is the holy grail of gun fanciers in America.

Obama never offered any legislation or made any attempts to eliminate or restrict the Second Amendment.

In this year’s Presidential election, the NRA calls Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton another “avowed enemy of the Second Amendment.”  That, like so much of what NRA claims, is a lie.  Clinton has supported the Second Amendment and has never said she wants to get ride of the Amendment or modify it.

NRA endorsed Donald Trump, the bombastic egotist billionaire who is going down in flames and is considered the worst, unqualified candidate for President in modern history, if not all of past candidates.

Trump is a known, consistent liar.  So is the NRA so I guess they were made for each other.  NRA honcho Wayne LaPierre is a long-time acquaintance.  I worked with him during my time in Washington.  I don’t trust him.

Virginia has some of the most lax gun laws in America and that laxness is often praised by the NRA.

An example?  In Virginia, those who have a concealed carry permit cannot drink or get intoxicated in a bar or restaurant if they carry a weapon concealed.

But those who carry guns openly in such places can drink until they fall down in a drunken stupor.

For many years, Virginians could not carry a concealed weapon into a place where alcohol is served.  Those who carried openly could and could drink.  When the law was changed to allow chose with concealed weapons to be a bar, the new law prohibited them to drink or become intoxicated but the old law was  never changed to prohibit those who carried openly to imbibe or get drunk.

NRA’s position?  Change the law to allow those with concealed weapons to drink, even to excess. More drunks with guns in a bar?  Sounds like a good idea to the National Rifle Association.