September 23, 2017 / "During Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes Revolutionary" - George Orwell

We only have ice for you, part tres

030505ice3.jpgAmazing what you can find alongside the road on U.S. 221 on a Friday morning.

The sun was already up when I left for Salem to cover the Virginia High School Wrestling Championships but I had time to stop for these ice formations, one near Check and the other at the top of Bent Mountain.

A Virginia State Trooper stopped to see if I needed help and then just shook his head when he realized I was laying flat on my back in the snow to take pictures of ice.

“Man, you’re nuts,” he said before getting back into his nice warm patrol car and heading down the road.

The past week’s snowfall hit the area between Check and Bent Mountain the hardest with high drifts and lots of lingering ice. We can expect melting with the forecasted rain and temperatures in the lower 40s today, followed by high 40s on Sunday.

But, for now, we have ice. Treacherous when it’s under your tires but beautiful to look at otherwise.

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