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Seph and TK

Seph and TK, an acoustic due from Boone’s Mill, on stage at America Afternoon at The Floyd Country Store on Saturday.Continue Reading

Bluegrass gospel

The first hour of each Friday Night Jamboree features an hour of gospel.

This past Friday’s offering was The Comptons, the three brothers from Willis with Barry Sheridan Collins on banjo.Continue Reading

‘Fire up 611′

Norfolk & Western’s “611” steam locomotive is part of railroad history and legend, a powerful engine that could pull a train at 100 miles per hour and had to power to traverse the steep tracks of the Blue Ridge.Continue Reading

Dancing the Night Away

This short film is dedicated to the dancers — young and old — who filled the floor on the last Friday of 2014 this weekend for the Jamboree at The Floyd Country Store.Continue Reading

Slowing down the games

Sports like basketball and football are usually fast and furious but I slowed them down for an editing exercise just to see some of the grace or intensity in slow motion.Continue Reading

A Bubbatone Friday Night

Had a chance to catch Katie & The Bubbatones at The Friday Night Jamboree as dancers — young and old — added to the fun and games at Floyd’s premier entertainment event to kick off the weekends.Continue Reading

Open Your Eyes

I am a member of the Vimeo Pro community of video and film makers and it is a place to share and experience those who create far more than I can ever hope to achieve.

“Open Your Eyes” is a beautiful short film about new found hope through the life of an elderly man.Continue Reading