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Baby it will be cold outside

Frigid temperatures will keep the white stuff around longer than normal for the area as the thermometer will plunge overnight Wednesday of four degrees below zero and a high Thursday is just three degrees before the temperatures head down again to 12 degrees below.Continue Reading

Mother Nature’s snow job

Mother Nature is giving us a snow job.

The snow will continue until Tuesday morning and frigid cold is forecast to continue through the week with a daytime high on Thursday in single digits and a low around 11 degrees below zero in the wee hours of Friday morning.Continue Reading

Valentines Day

For those who wanted to celebrate Valentines Day, snow gusts, high winds and freezing temperatures greeted anyone who ventured out on Saturday night. Continue Reading

Good time at Wildwood

As the old song says, the weather outside was frightful. But we’ll take some poetic license here and say the music inside was delightful at the Wildwood General Store.Continue Reading

Friday Night at you-know-where

Friday night at the Jamboree, shooting more footage of the signature tunes that define the area.

Also a Friday night to try out a new GoPro Hero 4 action camera, the latest version of the small model that is used so much by surfers, skiers and others. It took a while to get a working model. This was unit number three, which arrived via FedEx from the company Friday afternoon after two earlier cameras failed.Continue Reading

Happy feet

Freezing cold and a howling wind outside did not affect the young and old dancers inside The Floyd Country Store at the Friday Night Jamboree.Continue Reading

Sunday Strings

Bluegrass strings, that is. A pleasure Sunday to spend a couple of hours filming the Sunday jam session at the Country Store in Floyd.Continue Reading

The 78 Project Movie

A new partnership emerged Saturday night with the Blue Ridge Music Center on the Parkway joining forces with The Floyd Country Store to screen The 78 Project Movie.Continue Reading

Neither sleet nor snow…

Freezing rain may have been falling outside, the a hardcore gathering of dancers, while smaller than the capacity crowds one normally finds, listened to music and danced the night away at the Friday Night Jamboree.Continue Reading