Street music

The Black Twig Pickers — always a crowd favorite at the Friday Night Jamboree — also proved a street favorite when they jammed in front of Wooly Jumper Yarns on Locust Street Friday before their gig inside the Country Store.

With Sally Morgan — a new addition on fiddle — the pickers quickly drew a crowd along the street with a 30-minute set that served as a prelude to their dance-floor filling appearance at the Jamboree.

The Black Twigs are especially popular with younger jamboree regulars and first-time attendees. Their energetic arrangements of traditional bluegrass songs offer a fresh interpretation of the old-time genre.

After too many Friday nights of unseasonably cool or stormy weather, warm evening greeted those attending the Friday night festivities and the streets of Floyd came alive.

Friday nights are a special time in Floyd and this past one proved the point: Nothing fancy, just good music served up by a variety of talented musicians playing for the fun of it on a summer evening in a town where music is the thing.


You weren’t there?

Shame on you.


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