School Superintendent Arbogast ignores traffic laws too

Outgoing Floyd County School Superintendent Terry E. Arbogast got into hot water this year for playing fast and loose with the rules when it came to his rapidly escalating salary and his reluctance to come clean about why he kept the truth about his actual pay under wraps.

Now it turns out he has a similar disregard for the rules of the road in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

On June 19, deputy sheriff Tim Dulaney nailed Arbgogast for speeding — not just a few ticks over the limit mind you but rushing headlong down one of Floyd County’s two-lane roads at 70 miles per hour.

That’s 15 miles per hour over the posted limit of 55 and just five miles an hour short of reckless driving.

We try to promote responsible driving but it is not easy when one lives with a lead-footed wife. Last year, State Trooper Keith Gregory busted the mistress of Chateau Thompson for running 73 miles per hour on U.S. 221 near Ray’s Restaurant and her perceived need for speed landed her in the dog house at home and a well-deserved trip to a driver improvement program class in Christiansburg.

The superintendent of schools is supposed to set an example for the many young people in our education system. A couple of years ago, Arbogast got bent out of shape when I wrote about observing some school bus drivers breaking traffic laws.

He didn’t think it was a big deal.

Now we understand why.

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10 thoughts on “School Superintendent Arbogast ignores traffic laws too”

  1. Apparently Dr. A told sheriff Dulaney that he was simply trying to outrun a recent event in his past. Luckily for Dr. A, he had a trunkful of cash – salary money – and that did slow him down somewhat, keeping him under the “reckless” limit. Returning home, Arbogast put some calls into school board members but each, to his credit, said this time, no deals. No matter, there’s a surplus of the green stuff with which the A-man can pay his fine. All the hard-working, raise-less teachers will be greatly relieved.

  2. At first I was going to say you were being petty for going after Dr. Arbogast for speeding but as I thought about it I realized that the man has a pattern of believing that rules don’t apply to him. Driving that massive Toyota Tundra of his down a rural road at 70 miles per hour is both foolish and dangerous. I also wonder if Deputy Delaney gave the superintendent a break and knocked the speed down from a higher velocity, say one that was over 75 mph and a reckless driving ticket?

    Floyd County will soon be rid of Terry Arbogast, his pompous attitude and his air of superiority. Good riddance.

  3. YAY Timmy!! I wonder who Arbogast will blame for his behavior THIS time? It would be interesting to know his reaction when he got busted. Arbogast could learn very important lessons from Deputy Dulaney, things such as integrity, ethics, honesty and humility since Arbogast seems to be lacking those most important human attributes.

  4. If you have ever had the unpleasant task of dealing with Dr. Arbogast you quickly learn he is a pompous ass who considers others less intelligent or beneath him. He does not talk to others. He lectures them. His is thin-skinned and takes any criticism personally.

  5. I wonder if anyone on the school board fully understands just how much damage they and Superintendent Arbogast have done to Floyd County Schools and the County’s reputation. I work in Roanoke and people are always asking me about the “mess” in our school system because of the situation with Dr. Arbogast’s salary and the secrecy surrounding how his raises were handled.

    Fortunately, we will get a new superintendent. We also need a new school board. The present board failed the citizens of Floyd County, the teachers and employees of the school system and the children in our schools.

    Shame on the school board and shame on Dr. Arbogast for not being man enough to own up to his failures.

  6. Arbogast getting busted by officer Dulaney is hilarious to me, especially since officer Dulaney’s wife is a school teacher. I,too, have had the unpleasure of dealing with Arbogast in the past and I found him to be a close-minded and arrogrant individual who thought he was better than everyone else. September can’t come fast enough to get rid of him.

  7. I am tired of your posts and stone throwing at Arbogast. I think you have a serious vendetta against him and you continue to rally your troops against him. I get it. He lied about his salary. I think we all get it. You’ve continued to to write this over and over and over again so that everyone gets it. We do! Now he has gotten a speeding ticket, a hefty one at that. Well, I for one, have caught myself speeding more than once at a similar speed. It does indeed happen to the majority of the driving population. I’m sure you’ll criticize me for this honesty in a response, but seriously a traffic ticket? He got a ticket and he will pay the consequence through fines, driving violation points, and possibly raised insurance premiums. It’s not like he caused an accident. Have you written of his accolades? Probably not because all see is extreme bias in your writing. In eighteen years of service he’s certainly done many things right. Why not write about the awards our schools have been earning?

    Your argument is that he should set an example. Aren ‘t you also an educator? Shouldn’t you set a positive example? When I read your posts all I hear is hate and condemnation. That certainly isn’t the example I would want my children following. I’d prefer my children learn forgiveness,positivity, and acceptance. Arbogast has certainly made mistakes and he’s accepted the consequences and responsibility of those mistakes. People aren’t perfect no matter the position of authority they have attained. If only people were watching your every move…I’m sure we’d have ourselves some kind of scandal.

    I, for one, would like to see Arbogast stay until his scheduled retirement date. This would afford our school system the time to acquire a highly qualified new superintendent. What will you write about when he does retire? It’s just around the corner. I feel sure you’d be great at tabloid writing.

    • C, I find your lack of logic astounding. You admit Dr. Arbogast lied about his salary and somehow you find that acceptable? The man is a public official entrusted with running the system that educates our children and you find it acceptable that he is a liar? I also cannot agree with you that his speeding is OK as long as he was not in an accident. The man drives a huge Toyota Tundra pickup. Driving at a truck that size at 70 mph on a two lane highway is a danger to anyone else on the road. You castigate Mr. Thompson for what you call “hate and condemnation.” I have been reading this web site for years and have yet to see a single instance of hate from the author. He regularly condemns hate. It is obvious that he expects honesty and integrity from our public officials. We all should. Dr. Arbogast is a disgrace. He should go now before he causes any more harm to the school system and our children.

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