Found the front tire of my Harley Super-Glide flat this morning.

No air. Zero pounds of pressure. Tire pressure checked out before I took the bike out Saturday morning. Rode 300 plus miles Saturday without a problem.  So whatever caused the tire to spring a leak happened close to home when I returned Saturday evening.

Filled the tire with our compressor. Went inside for coffee and a shower. Checked tire pressure. Down five pounds in 15 minutes. Within 90 minutes: zero pressure.

A flat tire on a motorcycle is not a simple case of changing to a spare. Most bikes — mine included — use different size tires front and rear. A spare is not something you carry on the bike or have handy around the garage.

I don’t take chances trying to plug a tubeless tire on a motorcycle. Likewise, using goop leaves a mess when the tire has to be changed.

The extended warranty on my bike includes a “wheel and tire” plan that replaces the tire if it goes flat with usable tread remaining but this is a Sunday and the closest Harley Dealer with Sunday service is in Wytheville. Do I pump the tire up again, load it on our trailer and truck over to Wytheville in the hope they can squeeze me in on a Sunday?

I’ll call when they open at noon to see.  Otherwise, this might be a good day to mow the long-neglected yard and re-grade the driveway.

But I just checked the tractor. It has a flat front tire.

UPDATE: Trailered the bike over to Wytheville Harley-Davidson, which opened for service at noon. They found a puncture in the tire, replaced it and had me fixed by early afternoon. Left the Liberty and trailer at the dealer and used the remainder of the day to ride in deep Southwestern Virginia before returning the bike to the trailer in early evening for the trip back to Floyd.

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  1. Doug, sounds like one of those days when you can’t hit the ground with your hat. How well I know, they happen to me periodically. When they do I just go back in the house and leave it until the next day.

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