FloydFest X should be the best ever

FloydFest starts Thursday — four days of music, arts, crafts and community. The summertime happening on a farm in Patrick County just off the Blue Ridge Parkway celebrates 10 years with a varied musical lineup that promises to the best one yet.

The festival has grown into a popular event that brings thousands to the area each July.  With ticket sales up and expectations high FloydFest heads into the weekend with lots of promise.

It all starts Thursday.  I’ll cover it for The Floyd Press and one this web site.

See you there.

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11 thoughts on “FloydFest X should be the best ever”

    • How quickly you forget. Remember your former articles about the Floyd Fest Task Force a few years ago?

      Have a wonderful time. Law enforcement is random and those redneck, hillbilly, crackheads in Pulaski deserve it. At least they got the landlord’s permission first. We don’t need no stinkin warrants until the dog says we might.

      Everyone came to their senses when they realized the cash flow into the area trumps law enforcement.

      Is this a topic or an advertisement? Don’t forget to pack your Glock.

      • I don’t consider promoting our area an advertisement. FloydFest is one of the things that makes the area unique and attractive to visitors — just like the Friday Night Jamboree or Mabry Mill.

        The Parkway Criminal Interdiction Team (CIT) is history. It was disbanded so its a past — and dead — issue. Trying to tie a Pulaski drug bust to FloydFest is a stretch. Drugs — particularly crystal meth — are an epidemic in our area and those who manufacture such drugs deserve all the law enforcement attention they get.

        • I guess you don’t get it. I’m not pro drug or anti law enforcement. Read the article again. The sweep of the complex at 2 a.m. sounds like Iraq has arrived in Pulaski.

          Why not insist they do the same at Floyd Fest? I’m certain they will find something. You picked meth for dramatic effect.

          The story from Pulaski has some strange details and I remain creeped out by the proceedure. I’m sure they were suited up like Brownies selling Girl Scout cookies. How do they knock quietly to get attention from sleeping suspects? What if you are the typical innocent tenant in the complex? You hear noise that wakes you up and open your door to see what’s going on? Wow, it’s the ninja police force.

          I would like to hear a report from the residents. Hard to call it an ongoing investigation if they don’t know where they are raiding in the wee hours. Sounds great. Why not some gated community or the VT dorms?

          I wonder how many guns they confiscated? Suspicious prescription drugs? Bongs? You should call the complex management. I think the story said the police told them what they got. Why, I have no idea.

          It’s the big idea and why those whacky Tea Party folks worry about gov’t run amuck.

          Yeah, the CIT is history because Floyd Fest is making money and it would be foolish to kill that busting a few scofflaws. Nothing illegal ever happens at VT football games either.

          I hope none of the boogeymen looking to take you down realize how easy it would be to set you up for a visit.

          End of my wet blanket rant.

          • Sorry but I don’t get it because I don’t believe there is anything to get. You’re comparing apples and oranges. FloydFest’s ability to make money had nothing to do with the disbanding of CIT. Unfavorable publicity was a contributing factor along with lack of funding.

            I can’t share your paranoia about the Pulaski sweep. From what I’ve learned about the raid the police acted on solid information and had good reason for the raid. I know the police chief over there. He’s a good man.

            People have been trying to set me up for years. That’s nothing new. 😉

    • FARRRR OUT! Hippie fest and US Park Police again. I’ve been stopped along the Parkway during Floyd Fest, Doug. Why? Was I reeking of pot smoke? Wearing a Dead Head shirt of tie dye? No, but I do chose to wear my hair long even as an old man. I’m retired, worked in government and when questioned about my long hair, would state that “when this country gets an honest politician, I’ll cut it”. Just a bit of a dig. But the festival may well bring out the dogs as was brought up by Mr. King. It really IS a matter of revenue sometimes. Now I’m not saying our Floyd County Sheriff is that way but the New River Task Force and US Park Police do have a presence. BTW: When stopped, I did pose a “threat” by following the law and advising the police that I am a concealed carry citizen. Makes many nervous, you know. Have fun and get great shots. Looking forward to the shows and activities.

  1. As Doug said, the police drug raid in Pulaski has NOTHING to do with FloydFest. The only connection one could infer between the two events is a violation of civil liberties. Yes, the police violated civil liberties during the first few years of FloydFest but that was completely resolved by a meeting arranged by (former) Congressman Rick Boucher with the organixers of FloydFest, the Park police and others. There have been no significant problems with the police at FloydFest for at least the past 7 years. Someone ought to sue the police for their actions in Pulaski, but it has NOTHING to do with FloydFest!

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