Too much anger

Lots of anger out there.

Too much.

Can’t talk politics with some without it turning into a shouting match.

Can’t joke about someone’s background without them getting mad.

Not much humor left.

Used to be angry.

Lost temper with little or no provocation.

No more.

Getting mad solves nothing.

Anger escalates emotions and displaces reason.

So nothing is accomplished.

Look at Congress.

If pro is the opposite of con then Congress is the opposite of progress.

Look at sideshow atmosphere that has descended on too many public meetings in our area.

Too much shouting, too much hyperbole, too little truth.

Not sure what to do about it.

Can’t discuss anger management with most.

Pisses them off.

Can’t suggest moderation in an atmosphere of extremes.

Can’t promote reason in a sea of rowdiness.

It’s enough to make you mad.

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4 thoughts on “Too much anger”

  1. I hope your thoughts today aren’t a reflection on the Planning Commission meeting last night. I didn’t attend, had other obligations, but the Commission while not popular have been attempting to satisfy an obligation to provide interpretation of the ordinances. An ordinance is an attempt to find agreement among disparate forces for the benefit of all.

    Unfortunately we are witnessing a stirring of people that tear down, rather than build up. Participating in a dialog, or acknowledging the criteria for civil conversation would do these folks good. Not for the sake of change, but to create understanding about issues outside of their own. I wish to believe that we are among people that could be good neighbors. Sometimes neighbors need to be reminded of their duty, and the consequences of disturbing others with inappropriate behavior can include sanctions. Local government often bears the brunt of picking up where civility ends, this has not been an issue in our County since we mostly have a high tolerance for diversity. By that I mean you do your thing, I’ll do mine. But when people start casting about for a fight civility can be slow to return.

    • Jeff, as I have stated before I may not agree with everything in the comp plan, yet I feel the Planning Commission should be commended for their work on it. As I am sure you know, the citizens of Floyd are very passionate in what they believe. Unfortunately sometimes that passion turns to anger. That’s when being civil goes right out the window. When this happens the person being disagreed with will be put in a defensive position and they are no longer listening to the points being made. Equally important is responsibility. Most accept theirs and try to work out problems with their neighbors on their own. The few who don’t or can’t expect the government to come in and solve the problem. Thru the court system, many if not all problems could be settled, but most won’t do this. They would rather the government pass a new law to fix the problem. That sometimes causes more problems than it fixes. The state years ago tried to fix the problem of what I call jackleg construction companies doing bad work. They passed new regs and new license requirments. On the surface it look good. All that happened was those that were trying to do right had more regs to follow and the jacklegs are still out there. In the end it just drove up construction cost. My point is that we as citizens have a responsibility to solve our problems with the resources available to us. I think civility and responsibility are the way we can solve the major problems we as a county face. Should new regulations be imposed on all to settle the problems of the few? I don’t think so. Yet it may come just to that.

  2. Jeff:

    Didn’t make it to the planning commission last night. Had a long, long day covering court and had to work on those stories. The public had their say on the comprehensive plan at the public hearing last month. If more showed up last night it was probably to echo the same old claims that have been presented to the both the planning commission and the board of supervisors.

    The naysayers will get another shot when supervisors take up the comp plan. I doubt the wild claims of socialism and a United Nations conspiracy will have much effect on the final plan.

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