High school football? Already?

Action from last season's FCHS victory over Auburn
Action from last season's FCHS victory over Auburn

Yup. Football starts tonight at Floyd County High School with a benefit game against Grayson County.  The actual season begins next Friday with a home game against Christiansburg.

Can’t speak for the rest of you but looking forward to returning to the sidelines tonight when the Buffaloes take the field.  Went down with a bad back before the end of last year’s season and missed the final games.

Tonight will be the first test of the back since that painful time last fall but the back survived FloydFest and nearly 20,000 miles on a motorcycle this year so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

See you at the game.

1 thought on “High school football? Already?”

  1. Doug,

    Glad you’re back at it…wonderful to see you up and about and afflicting the comfortable. The way it should be…

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