Christiansburg steamrolls Floyd County 49-0

The stats told the story in Floyd County’s crushing 49-0 loss to Christiansburg in Friday’s home opener.

Yards rushing: Minus 8. Total yards for Dorian Harris, last year’s leading rusher in the region: 25 in 10 carries.  First downs for the Buffaloes: Just two.

The Buffs recovered two Blue Demon fumbles but couldn’t capitalize. The Christiansburg powerhouse steamrolled FCHS in every way.  Even when an errant opening play snap flew over the head of Christiansburg quarterback Brenden Motley he turned it into a 15-yard gain and first down.

It was that kind of night and Christiansburg wanted to make it worse, attempting offside kicks when they lead 14-0 and 36-0.  They failed on both attempts — rare missteps.

A scary moment in the second quarter when FCHS Senior Peter Martin went down in a play.  A Floyd County Volunteer Rescue Squad ambulance removed him from the field and transported him to a hospital after emergency workers immobilized him for a tingling impression in his neck but he had feeling and movement in his arms and legs.  No additional information available as this was written.

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2 thoughts on “Christiansburg steamrolls Floyd County 49-0”

  1. The saddest part about the entire game was the behavior of the Christiansburg students. About fifty of them dressed in tie dye and harrassed our students and band. My daughter who is 15 said friends of hers had things thrown at them and many inappropriate comments about rednecks and hippies were heard.When our player was hurt they were heard yelling and cursing. The football players even failed to kneel until they had him loaded in the ambulance.I realize that this was a small group of disrespectful students but there were plenty of adults there that could have stepped in to do something. While we may have lost the game we never lost our repect that we have for our players and community. Christiansburg High School, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Carol,

    I wholeheartedly agree. We may have lost the game, but we steamrolled Christiansburg in the respect and manners department. I was digusted at their behavior – both the students in the stands, and the players on the field that failed to show any sort of respect for our downed player. Again, we may have lost the game, but our players were able to hold their heads high knowing that they beat Christiansburg in an area of life that is more important than what the final score will ever be.

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