A melodramatic end to Oak Grove’s 2011 season

Oak Grove Pavilion’s 2011 season came to a melodramatic close Saturday night with the last of four weekend performances of “Daisy’s Dilemma at the Diamond Duchess Hotel,” an original musical melodrama complete with all the standard elements of wills, deeds, debauchery, dastardly deeds and delight.

The original script and music by Vicki Sowers offered more than a few local digs as well, including swipes at the county’s green boxes controversy and the school superintendent’s salary skulduggery.

At the Floyd County Fire Department’s annual poker run earlier in the day, I I won two tickets to the drag races at Motor Mile Speedway for Saturday night but gave them away so I could attend events in Floyd — especially the melodrama.

Melodramas are very special to Amy and I.  As an actress, she served as the resident heroine on the historic Goldenrod Showboat, which presented nightly melodramas on the St. Louis Riverfront in the 70s.

Alton Little Theater — across the river in Illinois — would present a charity show each summer and always recruited a professional actor/actress to anchor the event.

One summer they decided to put on a melodrama and brought in Amy as the pro. As the town’s then-resident “bad boy,” they asked me to play the villain.  Onstage, Amy followed the script and resisted my advances. Offstage, she tried to do the same but eventually caved.  We married the following year.

It was the only time in the history of melodramas that the villain won the heart of the heroine.

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  1. Hey!
    I’d just like to say my Sis Cheryl was “Daisy” in Floyd County’s musical this year.
    I live way up in Pennsylvania and I’m real proud of her. My 14 year old daughter is somehow following in her footsteps as a stage performer and I just wish we all could have been there to see the play.
    Keep up the good work guys! The pics were great to look at!

    Love to all,

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