A Floyd Friday night: A special time in a special place

Although Floyd has evolved into more than just a Friday Night town, the night at the end of the traditional work week is still a special time.

Friday night is when the visitors come to town for the Jamboree and the music in the streets.

Friday night is when you find the kids dancing in the Country Store alongside the older folks.

Friday Night’s centerpiece is the jamboree and the street music but it is only part of the story.

Friday Night is usually music night at Dogtown Roadhouse.

You can also find music at Oddfellas Cantina.

Friday night is a special night in a special town.

Some folks work overtime to find fault with Floyd. I seldom see those naysayers on the streets on Friday nights. What I do see is a lot of people having a good time and enjoying a unique evening in a unique place.

That’s the magic of Floyd.

I shot these photos last Friday night after stopping in downtown following the football season opener at FCHS.  The video below is raw footage shot and some of it will be used in an updated documentary about the Friday Night Jamboree.

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