Rainfall couldn’t stop Windfall

A quick, early-evening storm sent members of  musical group Windfall scrambling to cover equipment and attendees of Hotel Floyd’s Thursday Night concert series under cover just as the show was set to begin but the skies soon cleared for a beautiful evening of favorites from the popular foursome.

I’ve been an unabashed fan of the music of Dave Fason, Michael Kovic, Kari Thomas-Kovic and Rusty May since returning to Floyd in 2004 and first hearing them play at the old “Spring Into Summer” event in front of the county courthouse that year — back when they were called “Brother Wind.”

I’m also a fan of what Jack and Derek Wall have accomplished with the Thursday Night summer music at the Hotel Floyd pavilion.  The free concerts have become an integral part of what makes Floyd unique.

By the time darkness settled over the Hotel pavilion and the sky turned a deep, beautiful glowing blue, those who waited out the weather were treated to an enjoyable mix of traditional and original music from a group that is itself a mainstay in Floyd’s music scene.

If you haven’t taken in the free concerts at Hotel Floyd this season, do so before the 2011 series ends its 2011 run.  Rain or shine, it’s a treat.

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