Live from Floyd! It’s Saturday Night…via the Floyd Radio Show

A capacity crowd of both locals and visitors who shelled out five bucks each for a night of music, cornpone comedy and storytelling showed up Saturday night for the first broadcast of the Floyd Radio Show at the Country Store.

The show, which airs the first Saturday Night of each month was broadcast live over the Internet via a link on the store’s web site.

It was an enjoyable evening of music, comedy and skits that both honored and poked fun at rural life and the area.

The crowd loved the jokes, enjoyed the music and stuck around for a jam session from the musicians afterwards.

From the success of Saturday’s performance, it looks like the folks at the Floyd Country Store have a winner on their hands. It’s an ingenious idea that takes advantage of Internet technology to reach a worldwide audience.

The store’s Internet radio station will also feature music on non-show days.  On Saturday, local musician Abe Gorsky played on stage as part of the Americana Music series and his performance became the first live broadcast from the store.

I shot a considerable amount of video, which will take time to edit but will post some excerpts here as soon as I can.

It was a fun evening.

The next show will be on Saturday, Oct. 1.

See you there.

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