Lighting up the night

It looks like something out of “War of the Worlds,” or “Star Wars.”  It draws far less electrical current than a standard halogen headlight.

It’s an LED headlight that turns the nighttime highway into day and makes nighttime riding far more enjoyable — and safer — since I installed it on my Harley Super Glide.

The LED, high-intensity lighting system throws out a brilliant, white light that extends my nighttime riding vision and has already allowed me to see deer on the roadside more than the length of a football field away.

Any motorcyclist who rides around here knows the danger that deer and other creatures pose to two-wheelers. Floyd County rider Robert Pauley lost his life when he hit a deer on Meadow Creek Road near Riner.  Others have died or suffered serious injuries from encounters with Bambi.

Deer and other critters pose a danger day and night but more so in darkness so I went with the LED headlights because I ride a lot at night and need all the help I can get.

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