In the end, voting is a personal choice

Missed the candidates’ forum at Floyd County High School Tuesday night. Had another meeting in Roanoke.

In an email, one woman who attended asked: “When are you going to make your endorsements?

Endorsements? We don’t need to stinkin’ endorsements.

Sorry, this web site does not endorse candidates. We don’t pretend to be smart enough to tell anyone how to vote. Voting is a personal choice, both in deciding whether or not to vote and in deciding who to cast the ballot for if you do.

We will take a closer look at the candidates before the election but don’t expect any recommendations on who to vote for or against.

That’s your call, not ours.

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1 thought on “In the end, voting is a personal choice”

  1. I’m not endorsing anyone here, but would like to urge all voters to support only those candidates who are in favor of Congressional reform, as outlined by Warren Buffet, among others. If you are happy with the status quo and feel it’s right for congressmen to receive lifelong pensions, etc., then just ignore this post!

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