Remixing and revisiting ‘Pistol Packin’ Mama’

As any regular reader of this site knows, I love shooting music — both with still and video.  Changes in technology allow me to go back and remix some of my earlier video work on area music.

Case in point: A video shoot in 2007 of Bernie Coveney, Chris Luster, Abe Goorskey and Mike Mitchell at Oak Grove Pavilion in 2007.  Originally shot in high-definition video, I had to post it online in standard definition because that was all the video hosting service I was using at the time would support.

I know use Vimeo for most of my video work and they provide great HD performance so I remixed the video recently and put it up in all of its original high def glory with a rousing rendition of “Pistol Packin’ Mama.”

We will also be launching a new YouTube Channel for Buffalo Mountain Films on Monday.  Stay tuned.

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