Riding with the ‘Sons of Lethargy’ and other friends

On most mornings, a small group of aging motorcycle riders meet for coffee and breakfast.

We jokingly call ourselves the “Sons of Lethargy,” riders 60 and older who still climb aboard our two wheelers and enjoy life.

We’ve talked about creating jackets with a logo that shows the Grim Reaper in a wheelchair — or perhaps a Hovaround — but that might not sit well with the Pagans, who consider Floyd County their turf.  Besides, that would seem too organized.

There’s Joe Kenny, a transplanted Pennsylvanian whose machine shop in Floyd makes parts for vintage motorcycle and does a lot of work for Crenshaw Lighting, and Greg Locke, a Detroit native whose hand-lettered sign work adorns the Floyd County Store, ,Barber Shop and other local businesses.  Locke once belonged to a Detroit MC (motorcycle club) called the “Slimy Crud.”

Sometimes we talk politics but mostly we talk motorcycles.  Sometimes we’re joined by others who don’t ride but who have become friends with a trio of old-timers who refuse to admit they’re old.

Many things come and go in life but true friendships endure.  Joe and Greg are friends.  We don’t agree much when it comes to politics but we share a love of life and motorcycles.

Since returning to riding, I’ve made more friends than at any other period of my life. We ride with each other, we trust each other and we know we can count on each other.

In an age of “networking” when relationships are too often built on self-serving agendas, having friends — real friends — is something special.

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