Vox populi

Floyd County’s Board of Supervisors reorganizes next week.

To steal a line from an old Oldsmobile commercial, this is not your daddy’s board.  With four new members from the last two elections, only Fred Gerald from Indian Valley has served more than one term.  Two new members join the board next week — Laruen Yoder, who defeated longtime supervisor and chairman David Ingram in the GOP caucus last year and Joe Turman of Burks Fork, who takes over the seat vacated by Bill Gardner.

The new board will face several volatile issues right away — a proposed ordinance banning ridge line development — and controversial wind turbine generator farms on Wills Ridge and other places — and a revised comprehensive plan that some in the county feel threatens property rights.

Public comment periods in recent board members have brought diverse positions on not only the ridge line development, wind turbines, comprehensive plans but also dog ordinances, tourism commissions and so on.

Call it vox populi, call it sound and fury, call it Democracy in action. It makes for an interesting upcoming year.

Enjoy the short video, edited just for fun.  The next board meeting starts at 8:00 a.m. (for re-organization) on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at the County Administration Building on Oxford Street.  The regular board meeting begins at 8:30 and the public comment section starts at 9.

See you there.

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