Revisiting Sam Bush at FloydFest

While working on a video project about the area’s musical offerings, I came across original footage shot of Sam Bush performing at FloydFest in 2007. Some of it was used for an overview video for The Floyd Press at the time but there was a lot of good footage so I decided to cut a new short concentrating on Bush.

Bush is popular in the Thompson household.  I like his music.  He and Amy share a love of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and Bush wrote and recorded a tribute to one of our favorite Cardinals:  Shortstop Ozzie Smith (“The Wizard of Oz”).

I love filming live music, whether it be on a large stage like FloydFest, a community setting like Oak Grove or a small, intimate venue like Oddfellas Cantina.  I’m going to be cutting several music-related shorts over the next few weeks and will share them here as well as prepare them for an overall music DVD.

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