The will to live returns

At first it seemed like an allergy — runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing.  Started Tuesday morning.

Allergy medication kept the symptoms under control through the Floyd County Board of Supervisors first night meeting under their new two meetings a month schedule.  But standing outside in the cool night air talking with supervisors afterwards brought on fever.  By arrival at home the sneezing turned into a hacking cough and the sweats alternated with chills.

Oh hell. The flu.  A shot of NyQuil and bed.

By Wednesday morning, two best friends are the couch and the porcelain throne.  Managed to stay upright long enough to write a story about the meeting for the Floyd Press and put together a video of the public comment period.  Then back to the couch with occasional roundtrips to the throne room.

DayQuil didn’t help much.  Neither did Mucinex. Amy had the same symptoms last week. Found some solace in plotting her demise. Coughed so hard Wednesday night and Thursday that stomach ached and always fragile back began to spasm.

Hospice called. A 24-hour virus of some sort was running through mother’s assisted living complex. She’s sick too. So is Amy.  Kleenex overflows all trashcans in the house.

A double shot of NyQuil brings much needed sleep Thursday night.  Friday morning brings some relief.  No fever, no genuflecting to the porcelain gods.  Stomach and back still ache from all the coughing but haven’t reached for a Kleenex all morning.

The will to live has returned but the desire to off wife for sharing remains.


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