The people speak on ridge line development

A short compilation of some of the speakers at Tuesday night’s hearing on a proposed county ordinance to limit ridge line development.

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3 thoughts on “The people speak on ridge line development”

  1. I’m so glad everyone came out, there was a wide range of idea’s and positions. This is exactly what the board needed to help us know which direction the public wanted us to go. I took 13 pages of notes to go back over, this video will be helpful as well. Thanks to everyone who took time to come out Tuesday evening.

  2. watching this it is amazing the mis-information, as I have said I had heard all these foolish arguments in North Illinois when the Wind turbine first were coming there,oise thats just foolish they are so quiet you can be right next to them on the ground and almost totally silent eye sore no way people drive for miles and go out of there way to see them they are so cool and the future of energy.
    Spoiling the water and pollution as was said foolishness not true at all.
    The arguments heard there were over the first 68 that were going to be built, same as said here , now there are literally hundreds and hundreds in North Central Illinois, maybe the board should contact those county commissioners and get some real and true input. Probably one of the best things to ever happen there.
    Floyd has so much Green thinking among-st the Hippies I’m surprised it has not been pushed through, it really is one good thing that could but may not happen to Floyd.
    Landowners the Farmers at first there had to fight the legislator’s as you may, to do what they wanted with there land and it was declared in Court battles that the land and the air above it was theres to rent out to the power companies, the landowners won .

    The Floyd board wants to do something thats the worst eyesore ever, how about all that junk in yards and reducing the price of a neighbors property more then anything, all those junk cars dumping chemicals in the ground contaminating water in wells, just piling up crap next to a neighbors property and making it worth much less? you let that happen for years now.
    Your worried about a ridgeline turbine being an eyesore, wow you should drive around your districts and see what real eyesores are!!
    Fix roads that need fixing instead of repaving ones that are in excellent shape, cut the grass on the side of roads , get the prisioners out of jail and pick up the garbage, you stop something good (Windturbines) and don’t care about issues that are right in front of you, look around.

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