Walking in the Parlor/History of the World

“Walking in the Parlor,” also known as “History of the World,” is an old minstrel song often sang by slaves in Virginia before the civil war.  It was used, one story goes, to teach history to their children on the plantations of Virginia.

Over the years it has morphed into many versions performed by traditional and bluegrass bands. I first heard it sung by a black farmhand who worked for my step-father in Farmville in the ’50s.

Chance McCoy and Anna Roberts Gevalt closed out the Floyd Radio Show Saturday night with this fine version of the song.

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  1. Thanks Doug for taping this fine downhome production. One of my favorite things is bluegrass music. Hopefully you’ll post more of your recording sessions in the future. Music helps break up the monotony of endless rhetoric about anything and everything with few solutions to be had in the end, whereas music rejuvenates the spirit.

    Myself thinking folks on this site like things of the country along with the simpler life would enjoy a vidclip of the “Moron Brothers on the River”. This is one charming clip showing life on the river along with some great bluegrass riffs supplied by these talented bros. : )



    Carl Nemo **==

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