The people speak: Ridge line development, part 5

Fifth in the series of complete statements by citizens at the public hearing Jan. 31 on a proposed ordinance to ban ridge line development in Floyd County.

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2 thoughts on “The people speak: Ridge line development, part 5”

  1. Doug, thanks for the series of videos on the public hearings. I feel it is a valuable public service.

    Also, a technical question. I’ve noticed that your videos are usually razor sharp and well-lit. How do you do it when so many videos posted online, especially on YouTube, are often out of focus, shaky and washed out? Is it the equipment you use?

    • Al:

      I appreciate the compliment. Yes, I try to use good equipment but you don’t always need the most-expensive, top-of-the-line equipment to get the job done. Most of the video of the speakers was shot with a Sony 560V Handycam, a consumer model that provides excellent high–definition video that can be used on the web and — in some cases — on DVDs.

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