Time to slow down?

Felt the ravages of age in recent days.

Two weeks ago, the virus that ran through the area like wildfire struck. Spent four days genuflecting to the porcelain throne.

This past weekend, something ingested sent stomach into convulsions.  Maybe it was the scrambled eggs and pork tenderloin for breakfast, the bowl of chili at lunch or the dinnertime pizza.  Hard to tell.

At 64, body is rebelling. Used to laugh at spicy food. Now a bite of something with heat in it sends gastrointestinal tract into havoc.

Maybe it comes from trying to do to much. One photo assignment too many, one court day too much, one long public hearing with too much time on feet.

Too much going on. Too many distractions.

Point driven home big-time Monday. Mind elsewhere while driving on Park Drive in Radford, didn’t notice police cruiser parked by abandoned incinerator. Nailed. Forty-miles-an-hour in 25 mile zone. No excuse. Thank you for the ticket officer.

Time to pull back, reflect and refocus on what’s important. Maybe time to slow down, but who can afford to do so in today’s economy?

Will consider…as soon as basketball tournament season is over….when the court docket returns to normal…when fewer controversies push public meetings into overtime.

Food for thought.  But board of supervisors meeting starts at 8:30 a.m.


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3 thoughts on “Time to slow down?”

  1. You post this slowing down stuff about once every quarter….what you should do is slow down in the winter months and speed up in the summer….when you going to figure that out?
    And age is nothing but a number …that goes for you and Jim.

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