Cool nights, cool rides

The brisk night air provided an invigorating punctuation Wednesday night as the lights from my Harley Super Glide knifed through the darkness of U.S. 221 in Carroll County.

Little traffic at 9:30 as I headed north out of Hillsville for the 30 mile ride home after dinner with friends.  The Harley negotiated the curves with ease on what the second straight evening ride.

On Tuesday evening, a clear moon and star-lit night greeted the Harley and I as we topped Bent Mountain U.S. 221 after a meeting of the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group.  The sky lit up with the universe’s beauty after we escaped the ambient light of Roanoke.

Some motorcyclists fear riding and night.  Too many deer, too many unknowns on a dark road.  I love nighttime riding. In rural areas, traffic is light and a night with a nearly-full moon lays out a surreal landscape.

Clouds obscured the moon on Wednesday night but the evening sky still shone brightly as we crossed over the Carroll-Floyd County line and headed north towards Willis.  The driver of an oncoming car flashed his brights, apparently confusing the bright white of the Harley’s LED headlight with a high beam.  I flashed the high beam on the Harley.  The other drive got the message.

Food Lion was still open in Floyd at 10 p.m. so I stopped to pick up some items on Amy’s “honeydo” list and then headed north out of town for the final five mile trek home and pulled into the garage a few minutes later.

There’s an old saying that nobody ever sees a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s office.  If you ride, you know why.

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