The Kind rocks The Pine

The Kind at Pine Tavern

Grateful Dead cover band The Kind celebrated its 26th Anniversary with a show that literally rocked The Pine Tavern Pavilion on Saturday, March 10.

The wooden pavilion shook from the pounding of the dancers –some with moves that consisted of just jumping up and down on the floor and sending shock waves through the structure.  This translated into lots of vibration for the two tripod-mounted video cameras so it took a lot of work in Adobe After Affects to remove most of the jerkiness and obtain a more or less stable image.

An enthusiastic but inebriated fan pounded the front of the stage, jostled the tripods, knocked the field recorder off the edge of the stage three times.  Ah, the problems of live shooting of rock music.

Still, good music and a good time for the first show of the season at the Pine, courtesy of restaurant owner Reed Embrey and promoter Tom Ryan of The Republic of Floyd.

Here’s a clip of “The Music Never Stopped.”  More to come when I have time to edit.

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6 thoughts on “The Kind rocks The Pine”

  1. Im confused? Was this a review on The Kinds 26th anniv show ? sounded more like a whining session on how much of a pain The Kinds fans are. The majority of your article was mostly complaining. The Kind played incredible, took minimal rest breaks, had old members show up and play all night. There was much more positive noteworthy things for you to mention than what you did.

    • Sigh, people want so badly to find something to bitch about.

      You obviously are confused. I’m sorry you missed the point.

      The object of the article is the video, which is a tribute to the show. The article notes the difficulty of filming a popular band with an enthusiastic following — nothing more, nothing less. I don’t do reviews. I offer observations. It is hard to get a stable video in a place where the floor shakes from people who are having a good time.

      I’ve heard from the band. They enjoyed the video and put it on the group’s web site. I suggest you watch the video, enjoy the music, and stop looking so hard for something to complain about.

      • I think Eric Grayson needs to lighten up. I don’t know of anyone in our area who does more to highlight the variety of musical offerings in our area. Doug provides excellant videos and photos of the offerings at Pine Tavern, Oak Grove Pavilion, Oddfellas, the Friday Night Jamboree, Hotel Floyd and many other venues. I, for one, thank him for his hard work.

      • Doug, I am a long-time fan of The Kind and found your video both entertaining and extremely well done. I saw you at work at The Pine and marveled at the final product. I know a little about video editing and I know how much time and effort you put into it.

        Unlike Mr. Grayson, I did not find your comments whining or out of line. The pavilion rocked and shook from the pounding of the music and the band’s fans and I saw the drunks who knocked things over near the stage.

        You presented an honest observation of the evening’s festivities and I, as a fan, thank you for it.

        • I found this site because of the video posted on The Kind’s web site. I attended the concert and enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed the video and found nothing objectionable in Mr. Thompson’s comments. The only thing I found lacking was Mr. Grayson’s poor taste in castigating the author to describing the problems in getting a stable video under such conditions. Shame on you Mr. Grayson.

  2. Hey folks!
    First, Thank you Doug. As someone who edits video for a living I know the headaches of shooting in an uncontrolled environment. To stabilize video like he did takes a lot of time. Even in the age of high powered computers this kind of stuff taxes even the best of them. The footage I shot was unsuable, even After Effects couldn’t fix it. Thankfully Doug’s tripod was better than mine 🙂 In addition the hours it takes to edit even one song is pretty hefty. He did this as a service to all of us, thank you thank you thank you!

    As to his technical notes, Eric, I think that’s all they were. Doug wasn’t complaining just explaining. Sometimes the fun we have presents technical challenges to a videographer 🙂

    Finally, I want to thank everyone who came out and made the event a smashing success. When we started this band 26 years ago none of us imagined that we would play a second gig much less be sitting here today with more than a thousand shows behind us and many more in front of us. The Kind has been one very happy accident for us. The support we have gotten from our friends and family has really blown my mind. I am amazed every time I see a person walk through the door to see us play . . . and I am grateful 😉

    Here’s to 26 more years!

    Tom Snediker,
    Lead guitar, The Kind

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