Why we don’t do Windows

The last couple of days reminded me why I dislike Microsoft Windows and the computers that run the operating system.

Like most photographers and media producers, I use Apple Macs.  They are reliable computers that boot quickly, aren’t plagued by the many viruses targeted to Windows and well suited for those who work in the visual arts.

But I keep a Gateway FX series Windows box around for clients who need material produced for Windows-only environment.  Several times a month, usually after one of Microsoft’s “automatic” updates, the machine flakes out.  The latest round began after the usual overnight “update” on Tuesday.  The computer shut down without warning and when I rebooted it, a squiggly lines appeared on the monitors and the machine refused to boot into Windows 7.

Multiple attempts with “system restore” failed.  So did attempts to revert back to the “last known” good configuration. So I ran a memory diagnostic.  No problems found but, without explanation, the PC restarted and everything ran normally: For about 12 hours.  Then the problem began again.

So it sits there, a monument to flawed technology and corrupted file overkill until I can get the time to deal with it.

Meanwhile, my Macs purr perfectly.

Steve Jobs may be dead, sadly, but his genius live on and his computers work.

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