Lighting up the night

The clouds cleared out long enough for a mostly blue sky after the sun set Saturday night as I headed the Harley Super Glide south towards Roanoke after a long day of riding.

The weather forecast promised scattered thunder showers Saturday but they obviously scattered somewhere else. In 300 miles of riding no rain drops found me or the Harley.  We found dry, twisty roads on a circular journey that started in Roanoke, extended northward through the country side north and east through small downs and past picturesque farms.  Along with three other riders — all from the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group — we meandered through curving country roads that led from the Star City to Staunton, where hunger mandated a stop at The Depot Grille for burgers and refreshment

After lunch, the rest headed back to Roanoke but I stayed on a northward course, riding to Harrisonburg before heading East on Virginia 33 over to Elkton and then South on U.S. 340 to Grottoes for gas.

U.S. 340 empties into U.S. 11 near Stuart’s Draft and I reluctantly turned the Harley towards Roanoke.  The setting sun darted in and out of clouds as I took a side route on U.S. 60 over to Buena Vista and then cut over to Glascow before headed back to U.S. 11 at Natural Bridge for the final leg to Roanoke.

A quick stop to top off the gas tank and stretch my legs before heading up Bent Mountain on U.S. 221.  The air cooled in the darkness as we carved a trail of headlights through curves up the mountain and then into Floyd County.

Lightning lit up the sky ahead but stars shone down from above.  It was that kind of night.

Pulled into the garage just past 9:30 p.m., tired but exhilarated from a long, fun day.

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