Oh no, don’t let the rain come down…

…I’m playing my tennis match and I might drown.

Hard driving rain — and it some cases hail — fell on parts of Floyd County Friday afternoon but the bulk of the wet stuff missed Floyd County high school and allowed a softball, baseball and tennis events to continue as scheduled.

A brief shower didn’t stop the tennis match but I would have bet otherwise as I drove through drenching rain on the way to Floyd to shoot the match for this week’s Floyd Press.  I full expected to arrive at a drenched tennis court to find the matches postponed — just as happened with a scheduled softball game the day before.

But the rain — for the most part — went around the school.

Only the girls have a tennis team this year.  The only guy to come out for the sport practices with the girls’ team but there isn’t a boys’ team to field.

While tennis, baseball and softball teams played , the track team practiced — a full slate that had all of Floyd County High School’s fields in use and the threatening weather did not stop the activities.

And FCHS has a full schedule of sports on the schedule — a far cry from my days at the school when the football, basketball, track and baseball were the only athletic offerings.  Nowadays, you also have soccer, softball, volleyball, wrestling and track.  For a growing number of students, an athletic scholarship makes college possible.

More photos in Thursday’s paper.

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