The Klan’s favorite ex-congressman is running for President

Virgil Goode, one of the more embarrassing political bigots spawned by a commonwealth that excels in producing racists for public office, walked the streets of Floyd Wednesday, trying to con registered voters into signing his petition for President.

Goode, a Rocky Mount attorney, embarrassed the Virginia for 12 years in Congress, compiling a record of bigotry, racism and outrageous behavior that played well with his Klan supporters in Franklin County but eventually became so over the top that even the rednecks of is district dumped him 2008 for Democrat Tom Perriello.

But Goode is back, running for President on the Constitution Party ticket. Ron Paul — who doesn’t have and never stood a chance — has a better shot at moving into the White House. Hell, our Jack Russell terrier is more qualified to be President than Virgil Goode.

Goode, sadly, will get votes — if he gets on the ballot — because some people will vote for anyone but a black President or a millionaire Mormon.

Equally sad is the fact that Goode is not the only race-baiting candidate seeking office in Virginia this fall.  George Allen, the racist who went down in flames in the Macaca scandal of 2006, is back running for the Senate seat he lost to Jim Webb.  Given Virginia’s fondness for bigots, he could win.

Like Goode, Allen thinks racists belong in the White House.  He’s flirted with runs for Presidents almost as many times as he’s uttered the infamous “N” word to insult African-Americans.

Grab your sheets bubbas. It’s time to night stick the colored folk and campaign for Virgil and George.

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  1. The term “redneck” is a racist term, the author of this article is a racist besides not having any facts on Goode and having such a weak case in facts, has to write mainly about George Allen.

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