Where have all the wind turbines gone?

Don’t hear much about wind turbines these days in Floyd County.

After months of spirited debate on whether or not the county should allow the giant electricity generating wind turbines along Wills Ridge and/or other ridges in the county, the topic has gone as quiet as a windmill on a windless day.  No one has shown up for the public comment period to talk about wind turbines at the last four Board of Supervisors meetings.

The citizen task force created by the Board of Supervisors earlier this year has met just once.  Attempts by Locust Grover Supervisor and task force chairman Loren Yoder to get direction from the board has generated mostly the sound of silence.

At last week’s supervisors meeting, the board finally gave Yoder six areas to examine:

  1. Financial impact;
  2. Noise issues;
  3. Land values;
  4. Radio Interference;
  5. Environmental impact;
  6. Safety issues.

And the companies promoting the concept?

Only one remains.

The rest are gone with the wind.

A short video above, just for fun.

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3 thoughts on “Where have all the wind turbines gone?”

  1. Kinda reminds me of the badges we don’t need no stikin badges!!

    We don’t need any change , nothing to create jobs, nothing new,no new businesses,no Walmart, no theater , no bowling alley, no Liquor stores, nothing for the kids to do, let the county’s around us get all that tax money, look at all those for sale signs around! hint-hint

    The Turbines will go up, counties will make money on them, it will be the future of green power, as always Floyd will miss out again.
    Oh yeah Board is Floyd county still broke?
    Real shame.

  2. I thought our committee had set a direction. The majority said to set up a meeting so JMU could make a presentation to us. As I understood it from my supervisor we are to sort out information and present facts to the Board. We would have to verify the information, not just take stories from the internet and pass them on. Visting sites that are comparable with the proposed project here,searching land sale and tax records were talked about as things to do by the committe. I think we had set a course but for some reason it has been tossed out or at the very least held up. Why, I do not know. If the Board wants nothing done, they should just say so. The right direction, in my opinion, is to let the committee do the job it was formed to do. Bob, I think finding out the tax impact for the county is a big part of the committee`s job. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Jerry,
    For the most part the hold up has been my fault. I have been spending a lot of time going through our budget and trying to be sure I understand it. Now that we have that almost completed I want to get back to working with the tasks force on the wind farm issue.

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