When a passionate debate between two strong-willed men gets out of hand

Earlier, I posted an article in this space about an argument between myself and Floyd businessman Kerry Underwood over a number of issues.

I felt my integrity as a journalist was questions. In retrospect, the encounter was nothing more than a spirited debate between two passionate men with strong opinions.

Kerry sought me out later today and we resolved the matter without the passion and anger of the earlier encounter.  Kerry said it was not his intent to question my performance as the reporter who covers county government and I take him at his word and accept his apology.

I, in turn, apologized to him for overreacting and misunderstanding his intent.  I should have cooled off before writing about the confrontation.  That was my mistake and I apologize to the readers of Blue Ridge Muse.

As happens too often in the heat of argument, things were said that were not meant and assumptions were made that were incorrect.  In some way, we were both right and we were both wrong.

Debates over political issues often turn passionate.  Too often they end in anger. That happened in this case.

Kerry and I shook hands and put the matter behind us.  He raised legitimate questions on some issues that I intend to investigate further and will report on here.

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