Congressman Griffith, stop spamming my voicemail!

Rep. Morgan Griffith: Telephone spammer
Rep. Morgan Griffith: Telephone spammer

The last thing anyone needs is to come home from a long day to find voice mail spam from Congressman Morgan Griffith.  This particular piece of pre-recorded crap was an invite to a “telephone town hall,” which is Griffith’s way of pretending to be in touch with the people without actually have to deal with his constituents face-to-face.

Apparently, the National Do-Not-Call Registry does not block spam phone calls from politicians.  Too bad.

Griffith replaced longtime Congressman Rick Boucher in the 2010 election when a chimpanzee with an IQ of an average plant could win election if he or she ran against a Democratic incumbent.  It wasn’t a shining hour for the American electoral process.  Griffith, a lackluster state delegate who didn’t even live in Virginia’s Ninth District when he ran for Congressman, is an even more lackluster Congressman, replacing one of the Old Dominion’s best constituent service operations with one that doesn’t have time for simple things like taking care of problems for residents of Southwestern Virginia.

A bigot and homophobe, Griffith doesn’t have time for simple service to his constituents.  He’s too busy pursuing an agenda of gutting public education, returning Virginia to the dark ages and supporting political troglodytes like Virginia’s intellectually-anemic attorney general (Ken Cuccinelli) and the equally brain-challenged Congressman Eric Cantor.

Not that I ever expected much out of Griffith.  My first encounter with the State Senator from Salem came a few years ago when former Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney Gordon Hannett tried to double dip from taxpayers with a scheme to run his office via email while serving in Iraq with the Army Reserves.  When then Circuit Judge Ray Grubbs decided we needed on a full-time, on site prosecutor while Hannett was gone, he appointed Stephanie Shortt.  Hannett fought the judge’s appointment all the way to the State Supreme Court, not once but twice and lost.

After Hannett lost, Griffith — always loyal to a fellow party member even when that party member was wrong — introduced legislation to bar Circuit Judges from making some appointments in the future.  Floyd County voters voiced their opinion by tossing Hannett out of office in the next primary election and Shortt later became the county’s next elected Commonwealth’s Atttorney.  Hannett ended his term in office by stealing hard drives from the office computer and pleading guilty in a deal that let his record be cleared after performing community service.  He picked up trash on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  So Griffith went to bat for a disgraced prosecutor who ended his political career by breaking the law.

Griffith is all-too-typical of the new breed of politicians put party above country and partisanship above principle.  He uses his free mailing privileges to spout political propaganda — something that used to be against the law but is now allowed under the new, so-called “leadership” of Congress — and issues partisan rants in the newspaper columns he distributes to newspapers around the district.

When I see one of his missives in the mail, I feed it to the shredder.  I have better things to do than waste time reading propagandist pap from a political hack.  Now I’m apparently going to have to program the phone to block calls from “Telephone Town Hall,” which the telemarketing firm Griffith hired with our tax money to promote is phony town meeting.

That firm is based in Seattle, Washington.  Griffith couldn’t even hire a firm from Virginia to do his dirty work.

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  1. I, too, have been irritated by these voicemails. The items that come in the mail- well, my shredder is too good for these. They belong in the common trash with the discarded eggshells, coffee grounds and those unidentified cultures found in the back of the fridge.

  2. When Boucher represented us, I met and spoke to so many people — both Repulicans and Democrats — who appreciated how responsive he was to the citizens of Floyd County. Griffith doesn’t even seem to know that we exist.

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