Tippi Hedren coming to Floyd to film psychological thriller

Tippi Hedren

“House of Good and Evil” a”psyhological horror” film helmed by cinematographer-turned-director David Mun is set to begin shooting in Floyd County in September.

Tippi Hedrin — yes the Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” — is part of the cast  So is Rob Neukirch former owner of Oddfellas and an actor with a number of screen appearances on his Internet Movie Database resume 

Besides Hedren and Neukirch the cast at one time included Rachel Miner — who appeared for five years on the TV soap “Guiding Light” and a number of series including “Sons of Anarchy” and “Criminal Minds” — and Christian Oliver whose credits include Tom Cruise’s “Valkyrie.”

Producer Blu De Golyer, however, says Miner is out and the role is being recast.  Hedren, he said, is doing the film as a favor.

Mun and de Golyer worked together on “The Road to Freedom” an indie-film about the disappearance of war photojournalist Sean Flynn son of actor Errol Flynn in Cambodia during the Vietnam war era.  De Golyer co-produced two other small budget independent films and Mun worked as a cinematographer in TV and films.  The House of Good and Evil will be Mun’s first shot as a director.

Delays are common in the movie business and many announced projects never make it to production but producers insist the September start date is real and filming will begin at an old house on Cannady School Road.

Updated to include additional information.

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