This kind of crap has to stop

Floyd’s downtown rehabilitation project has its supporters and detractors but debate over an issue is one thing.

Vandalism is another matter.

The sign detailing the latest phase of the project had just gone up a couple of weeks ago when a vandal showed up with a can of spray paint and added his or her own touch to the announcement.

This kind of crap has no place in a town like Floyd. Hell, it doesn’t belong anywhere but this is not what Floyd is all about.  Sadly, it’s not the first time the town’s improvement projects have fallen victim to those who think vandalism is an acceptable form of behavior.  When the town public restrooms first opened, the men’s restroom was heavily vandalized.

Floyd Mayor Will Griffin has filed a complaint with the sheriff’s department over the vandalism and says he has an idea who is behind the vandalism.  I suspect he’s right and that it’s the same person who vandalized my studio when it was open at Village Green but suspicion is not enough in legal circles.

Anyone who has knowledge about who is behind this stuff should contact the sheriff’s department. It’s time to send a message that such behavior is not acceptable around here.

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