I’d rather die living and live dying

More than a few have asked in recent weeks why I continue to ride a motorcycle after my close call last month on Pig Path (Meadow Creek Road) in Montgomery County when a pickup truck sideswiped my Harley and almost brought me and the bike down.

Yes, it was a close call but it wasn’t what I would call a wake-up call. I’ve had close calls before.

When you live life on the edge, each brush with death is a learning experience that brings one closer to life.  It means we looked the devil in the face and said “ha, missed me” and we can look forward to another day on earth.

Life is not living unless it is lived to the fullest. Disappointments are merely speed bumps along the road.  So are close calls, injuries, setbacks and problems.  You shrug off the assaults on your well-being and move on.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live a life filled with excitement, adventure, travel and more than a few brushes with death.  I will probably have more before my luck runs out.

That’s lfie.  I’d rather die living than live dying.

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1 thought on “I’d rather die living and live dying”

  1. I know it’s God in control of when it’s time for me to go no the Devel he will have nothing to do with it.
    When God says it’s time for me to go it won’t matter if I’m riding the scooter or sleeping in the bed or whatever nothing will be able to stop it he is in full control of when.
    Ride and enjoy every moment of life.
    Glad your still with Us and ok you are a real Rider in every sense.

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