Rough rider

Dawdled too long on the streets of Floyd Friday night, talking with friends and ignoring the approaching clouds.

When I finally struck out for home a little after 9 p.m., wind picked up, buffeting the Harley.  On U.S. 221 just north of Floyd, the headlights picked up flying debris, mostly small branches of trees.

Just north of Pine Tavern, a large gust of wind almost knocked the motorcycle down.  A large branch swept out of nowhere. Swerved quickly. Missed it.

Near Sweeney’s Garage, a tree fell into the raod, sending large branches and chunks of week across the road.  The Harley bucked as it ran over large branches and pieces of bark but didn’t go down.

Dodged more branches and flying debris the rest of the way home but made it up the driveway and into the garage. Homes along Sandy Flats Road dark from power outages but welcoming lights at our house, thanks to the Guardian generator, which kicked in automatically.

Home. Safe. The storm appeared passed. How bad’s the damage?  Only daylight will tell.

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  1. That was the scariest ride home I have ever had….I was behind cars on Little Mtn that were creeping along and I was like ” I have no protection from falling limbs” wind blowing dirt and gravel….So I let God drive and made it home…but that was a scary time…glad you made it safe… I heard maybe a rider was killed last night in Montgomery Co.

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