Independence Day

Fourth of July. Independence Day. America’s birthday.

For too many, this Independence Day will not be a day to celebrate but one where survival takes center stage.

For more than 100,000 in Southwestern Virginia, Independence Day 2012 will be spent looking for relief from oppressive heat in homes without power.

For millions of Americans, Independence Day will just be another day to worry about jobs they don’t have, mortgages they can’t pay and food they can’t afford to buy.

Because of such situations, some say American has nothing to celebrate.

They are wrong.

Yes, America has problems.  Some beyond our control, some not.  As we head into a national election where petty, partisan politics dominates the public debate, rage replaces reason and hyperbole supplants truth, let’s take a break from all the bitterness, backstabbing and blather.  It’s time to honor the country we call ours and remember that even with our problems we’re still the greatest nation on earth.

Happy Birthday America.

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