Sunday electricity report: Floyd County fully powered.

Appalachian Power Company restored electricity to remaining Floyd County homes Saturday, leaving homes and businesses fully powered for the first time since the massive “derecho” wind storm knocked out more than half the county’s customers eight days ago.

Throughout APCO’s Virginia territory, 14,421 customers remained in the dark as the sun came up Sunday. In West Virginia, more than 45,000 homes and businesses are still waiting for power.

It’s been a long, hard week for many of the region’s residents, who faced soaring heat, spoiling food and others problems associated with the loss of electricity.

APCO says it expects to have power restored to 95 percent of its customers by tonight.

So things are returning to normal — until the next big storm or emergency.

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  1. Doug, thanks so much for all your reporting of the power outages. There was no where else that I could find as thorough a report of who had outages and where. You have really been on top of it and it is most appreciated!! 🙂

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