Fall of Night, Rise of Passion: The movie?

Presented, for your viewing judgment, a 30-second concept trailer for a proposed romantic suspense film that does not have a script, is not cast, is not in pre-preduction and probably will never become reality.

“Fall of Night, Rise of Passion.”is based on a short story I wrote for fun 35 years ago.  I pulled it out a while back and produced a 30-second trailer as an exercise for a weekend project sponsored by Vimeo, the video host that we use for our documentary and news video production.

Vimeo often sponsors projects like this to help its customer base polish video and film making skills. Several who saw and judged the first cut liked it and suggested a few changes, which have been incorporated into this latest trailer, which consists entirely of stock video footage that I had in house or from the stock service Videoblocks.

I’m not a film maker.  I’m a reasonably competent journalist and self-taught photographer who made a decent living in the profession for a number of years.  My video skills, if I have any, are — like my still photography — self taught.  Amy and I have produced documentaries on the Friday Night Jamboree, The Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and the Carroll County Flea Market & Gun Show.  None made money although the Jamboree doc sold well at the Country Store for a year or so.

I shoot video because I like it and I make no claim to be an auteur or even a journeyman.  Like other things, I do it for fun.

I’ve thought about expanding the story into a novel but a screenwriter friend says he’s like to take a crack at doing a screen play based on the short story plot, which involved young love and passions out of control.

With all the talk about making movies in Virginia these days I told him to go ahead and take a crack at it.

Where do we go from here?  Who knows?  Probably nowhere but it’s a fun exercise.

Stay tuned.

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