Sounds of music

Music in the Streets in Floyd on a Friday Night. (Photos by Doug Thompson)

So often, visitors ask: “What is Floyd?”  Floyd is many things: Agriculture, history, tradition, art, music, sports, natural beauty.

But one thing that binds this county together is the music and nothing exemplifies Floyd more than the street on a Friday night.

Still, Floyd is more than the bluegrass you hear on the street on Fridays.  It’s big band or rock at venues like The Pine Tavern or Dogtown Roadhouse.  It’s jazz or Irish music at Oddfellas Cantina.  It’s folk or traditional songs at Oak Grove Pavilion. It the music groups — big and small — that come to FloydFest each July.

Someday, I hope to make a documentary that tells the story of Floyd County and its music.  I’ve amassed hundreds of hours of film and video, along with thousands of still images.

Meanwhile, here’s a Floyd minute of street music.  Please enjoy.

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