Another day, another politician in Floyd

Vice President Joe Biden campaigns in Wytheville
(AP Photo /Don Petersen)

Vice President Joe Biden made an unscheduled stop in Floyd Tuesday afternoon as part of a campaign roadshow swing through Virginia.

Rain also made a scheduled stop in some parts of the county.

Good thing.  We needed the rain.

The Secret Service began locking down the town about an hour before Biden’s arrival.  The veep met passers-by on the street, visited Angels in the Attic and hold court at The Floyd Country Store.

The stop came after the Vice President appeared in Danville to tell supporters that “with your help, we can carry North Carolina.”

Joe was in Virginia, not North Carolina but then geography has never been one of Biden’s strong points.

Now that we think about it, we can’t remember any of Biden’s strong points, if he in fact has any.

One has to wonder about the wisdom of Biden’s campaign swing through Floyd County, which hasn’t voted for a Democratic President since Franklin Roosevelt. With the Obama campaign’s lackluster fundraising lagging far behind challenger Mitt Romney one would think they’d be more cautious about how their contributor’s money is spent.

But the words “political” and “wisdom” are too often mutually-exclusive.


  1. Does the writer proof his writings? What’s up with the Napoleonic use of the third-person? Sloppy, disrespectful, and illiterate only reinforces the country rube stereotype doesn’t it?

  2. “The veep met passers-by on the street, visited Angels in the Attic and hold court at The Floyd Country Store.” This is the ONLY line in this piece that might raise an eyebrow. For my “taste”, I would have written HELD court rather than HOLD court but then I’m not ALWAYS correct.
    I’m grateful to not have been in town while Crazy Uncle Joe was visiting since his motorcades have been involved in record numbers of collisions and pedestrian deaths. The buffoon needs to (re)chained for the safety and security of these United States. As for this offering, I found it to be both an interesting thumbnail sketch and done with a bit of humor. Not at all “rube” like Bobby. And certainly not sloppy, nor disrespectful [of Biden!!!!!????] and neither was it “illiterate”. Whew, you sure do bring out the nuts Doug.

  3. And his “visit” was done at the WORST time if you ask me. The first day of school starting back AND during the time that school is scheduled to let out. Town was SHUT down from the stop light all the way to Maberry funeral home. I noticed funeral traffic from Gardner Funeral Home was detoured and had to turn up by E-Z stop and out Baker St to Rt 8. If I had not been out to go and get my kids from school, I would have never known he was in town. I had to chuckle to myself and wonder if he knew which state he was in.

  4. Use of the third-person when referring to the lone commenter is often considered to be a sign of self-important illusions.

    Now that we think about it, we can’t remember any of Biden’s strong points, if he in fact has any.

    Are there two of you writing this blog?

    And if you want to ding the VPOTUS for his geography, you should probably do so using proper grammar (held, not hold). It makes you look silly. Just saying. Carry on.

    • I’m trying to understand this Bob. Someone who only uses his first name (if it even is your first name) and hides behind an anonymous yahoo mail account is accusing me of having “self-important delusions?” Someone considers a typo a sing of improper grammar?

      The use of the editorial “we” is common is journalism. And, yes, there are more than one person involved in this web site, which is a news site, not a blog. Regular readers know that, just as regular readers know that when someone has the courtesy to point out a typo, I fix it. On the evening I wrote this post, I also wrote four newspapers stories, three news stories for my political news web site — a total of 1759 words. I also edited five other stories for other web sites. If a typo that changed “hold” to “held” is the only one that slipped through then that was a pretty good average. Not perfect, I admit, but I guess that only you, Bob, are capable of perfection, right?

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