Movie crew in county working on location set for ‘House of Good & Evil’

The writer/producer and production designer for “House of Good and Evil,” the indie film set to begin filming in Floyd next month, are working on the old Cannady Schoolhouse on Cannady School Road in Floyd County.

Cast member Rob Neukirch reports that production designer Mickey Ray “has his work cut out for him but he seems fine with it all.”  Neukirch is helping Ray and producer/writer Blu de Golyer work on the old schoolhouse, where they found an airplane under construction by the building’s owner.

“The building has settled so much over the years,” Neukirch posted on the Internet Movie Database message board.  “There isn’t a level surface or plumb wall in the place.  So perfect for the movie.”

The film, which de Golyer describes as a “psychological thriller,” features 82-year-old “Birds” actress Tippi Hedren in a small role.  Ms. Hedren will be also be the center of a fund raiser for the Floyd Humane Society at Chantilly Farms next month.

“House of Good and Evil” stars Rachel Marie Lewis as Maggie, a young woman forced to face her demons in an old house.  Christiansburg-based actor/drama coach Bo Keister joins Neukirch as local cast members along with Christian Oliver.

Neukirch says the cast did a read-through of the script by video-conference on Skype in July.

De Golyer is the son-in-law of Bill and Ginny Gardner of Willis.  His wife, Sue Whalen de Goyler, is an executive producer of the film.

De Golyer was kind enough to provide us with a copy of the script. It’s good. We wish the filmmakers success in what is an ambitious project on a small budget.

Wanda Combs at The Floyd Press is working on a series of articles about the film.  Stay tuned.

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